Create a thing - with list of things


I need to create a thing (using the worflows). But one of the items that thing has is a list of things.
That list of things doesn’t exist yet. So, I need to create it. But, Bubble only allows me to create one thing.

My question is how to create that list, and then add the list to the thing.


Create a Backend Workflow to create a thing and run it on a “List of things”, It’ll create a list of things.

Hello! I have the following problem. There is a thing (called group) that has a list of emails. After one day I need to create a list of Transactions. Each transaction has 3 fields: email of buyer (type text); group (type group); and completed (type yes/no).

I’m building the backend workflow to create the Transactions, but I can’t define the fields EMAIL and GROUP, because I can’t select exactly the group and what email to assign.
If I could define the fields email and group in the FRONTEND workflows, I can define them, because the Front Page is type GROUP.

I hope to be clear.

I would think you would need to pass EMAIL and GROUP as parameters into your back end workflow so that it knows what to put in there.

So in your frontend … you know these values. So pass them to backend when you schedule API workflow.

Hello @NigelG
Thats what I tried to do. But as you can see in the image I posted before, in the backend I cannot found what email and group specifically.
I have a lot of groups, and a lot more of emails. I am not finding the way to select especially each of them. I tried to use the Do a Search but I can’t use the constraints because it’s not the FrontEnd (where I can select the item of the constraint)