Create a user generated list of answers out of a user generated question

Hey guys

New to Bubble and I am struggling creating a user generated only platform (similar to Quora). How should I proceed to create a user generated list of answers based on a user generated question?

I did not manage to go that far. The best I could do is a list of user generated answers to a static question. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Users should be able to answer to user questions. I guess it is a trick with the data base but I just don’t get it.

Can anyone help me?


It is a bit difficult to visualise what you are having difficulty with. Maybe if you share a link to a public app with your “static” question ?

It sounds like you want a page where users can add new Questions ?

And then you want a list of questions that people can add answers to ?

Correct, I would like a page where users can add new questions. On that same page, I would like users to answer directly to the questions that have been created (as if they would comment a post). @NigelG

Hey @daniel1 @NigelG @emmanuel is it possible or not building that kind of platform (Quora) by leveraging bubble.

Yes, it would seem entirely possible.

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