Create account for someone else password reset error


I receive an error message of “too many page redirects” once a new user is trying to log in by initial setup.

The workflow is as follows:
Admin sets up user with first name, last name and email adress.
–> create account for someone else
–> create temporary password:
–> send user email with temporary password:

then user logs in with email and temporary password:
—> page crashed and I receive error message that there are too many redirects…

Do you have it set so the user has to change their password if they have a temporary password? There could be some funky logic going on, it’d be easiest if you shared a link to your editor so we can poke around and see what’s under the hood that could be causing this issue.


Hi, yes, I think so.

All works fine, but when the users logs in with the assigned password( through email) and its mailadres, there is an error.
Hereby a screenshot of the workflow when the login button is hit (there are checks and balances to determine is the user is approved by admin, or that the user is an admin)… So, one login form leads to different directions…

Hereby also a link to the editor:

Hmm, won’t let me access. Are you sure you set the app to public?

Are there any ‘When Page is Loaded’ events happening on the mijn_account page or the helaasaanmeldingnietappro page that may cause the infinite loop?

here’s another go with the link:

Yes, maybe that’s the inifite loop maybe, since it will check every user for 2 criteria. I set this up to divert users to their apprpriate screens. But is this loop not ‘overruled’ by the " Go to reset_pw page", which is enabled in the General settings of the website? Because there is no Action-Workflow which can be added which says e.g. --> users with temp passwords go to resetpw_ page, is it?

From what I can see, it should be working. I’m not sure why it’s not. Is the DEV version different than the LIVE version?

No, I’ve removed “when page loads conditions” for this matter.

But when I log in the email and the temp password, I receive the below message (screenshot). I use Chrome, but I don’t think that’s the issue… Why doesn’t it automatically direct to the reset_pw page?

I might file a bug report at, as I’m not sure what’s causing the issue there. Sorry!

Just filed a bug report, but thanks for trying to help me resolving this matter!

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