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Create an account after scheduling a call


I am trying to understand how to create an account for a user after they schedule a call with me.

This is the flow that I have in mind:

  • Step 1: Choose a time to schedule a call
  • Step 2: Add your information (name, email, etc) to confirm the call
  • Step 3: Create an account

I would like to use an external service to schedule the call (I currently pay for SchedulerOnce but I am happy to switch Calendly if that would be easier) but I am not sure how to pass that date into my app so that I can create an account.

Any thoughts?

I am not familiar with ScheduleOnce or Calendly but you should be able to use what you already have and use the API connector to get any information you need from ScheduleOnce to your Bubble App.


I just did exactly this with Calendly. Once someone is booking a call with me a lead (in my case is created).

You can easily do that with the web hooks functionality of Calendly.

  1. Create a backend workflow in Bubble with “detect Data”
  2. Call the webhooks API from Calendly

  1. The data is automatically identified by bubble
  2. Set up the actions you want to do if someone books a call with you.

Many greetings.


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