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I am struggling with how to setup the workflow for setting up an account for some else. My app creates private collaboration environments for end users. One of the characteristics is that i (as an admin) setup the the complete environment (create user profiles and fill in their details), and after finishing that, the end-user will get acces…

So, my problem is is that I have to create multiple accounts under the same email adres or with ‘fake’ email adresses. For instance, I want to add and to the database, but I want to send the password to my personal–>. So then I can setup the collaboration environment for John and Lisa, and when finished, I change the email and provide them with the password.

My problem is that I don’t want my end user to receive an email prompt to reset it’s password in the development phase of the collaboration environment. With the above mentioned scenario’s, the regular workflows of reset passwords etcetera don’t work, because they are tied to the Users email.

I’ve already tried to set the “reset_pw token link” to another emailadres, but that shows an error message.

Anyone have a solution for this isse?


Most providers support using [username]+[anystring]@[domain] syntax to send emails to your primary address. So, I create “fake” users using “annotated” versions of my gmail address. Say my real email address is I’ll create users w/ emails like:

All system emails will come through to your primary address.

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I agree with @djwideman’s method. By using alternate versions of your own email, you can either send a reset password link or assign a temporary password, which you can also email to yourself or just store in a field somewhere to eventually email to the actual users’ emails.

@djwideman @romanmg,

Thanks for the support! It works, and now I can start setting up accounts!

Wish you both a great day :slight_smile:

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