Create an account for vs Add Existing to Project when creating new members

Good day bubblers.

During onboarding, I am offering a new subscriber the ability to add additional members to their project.

Is there a secure, best practice to verify if a user they are attempting to add already has an account? I want to pivot my workflow from create an account for to a new workflow to add member seamlessly based on that lookup (I simply am comparing an input’s email value to the User type email field.

I’ve fuddled with FE/BE workflows and custom events, but haven’t hit it yet. I suspect there is a privacy issue for allowing a search on a user email field, so BE WF is probably the right answer.


  • Admin is asked during onboarding if they’d like to add someone else
  • Admin inputs an email, name, and clicks Submit
  • Here I am trying to implement logic to determine which of the two flows I can implement (add user vs create account for) so the user doesn’t encounter a confusing “Account already exists” message .

Appreciate any advice the community has.

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