Create an admin user - how to set “yes or no” field

I have read that I need to add a field named “admin” in the User database table and set the admin user to ‘yes’. But, how do I set it to ‘yes’? The ‘modify’ button does nothing.


Update: I found that I need to click the ‘New entry’ button and manually create the admin user. But, I am unable to set a login password for that user. If I check the specific user and click ‘modify’, I am unable to see any fields to modify. How do I get that function working?

What type of field is your admin field? A yes/no field?

To edit a row in the database, you need to click on the edit icon for that row:


You can toggle between yes/now using a dropdown :grinning: in an admin page. Or use a toggle button as well…

Wow, how did I miss that! Thanks :slight_smile: