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Create an image in bubble?

I’m looking to create an app where users can write text over an image and create an image that they can download or share to social. Is this possible with any bubble plugins?

  1. User searches In splash and picks image
  2. User writes text over image
  3. Bubble creates a new image with the text on the image
  4. User downloads new image.

I’m guessing image creation isn’t possible like this, but would love to be wrong. Thanks!

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I am not aware of any plugins or capabilities to do this. You might be able to achieve this with some js libraries that you could inject into the page, to do a screen grab of an area and capture any text elements etc over the top a group with the image set as the group background.

Bit hacky, and probably not reliable, so unless you want to build a plugin!

Ha, unfortunately I lack the skill. Thanks for the reply though.

Do you mean scribble or typed in text?

Adding to @DaveA’s suggestions, if you find the right javascript library, you could get some help with integrating it.

An example of an integration that is fairly similar to what you want is the signature pad, in this thread: Signature pad example

I was recently looking to something similar to that and found that there is an external API that could turn web pages to images.

I believe it would be possible to integrate the object that would be created as the result of combining an image and the text into a standalone page, and to pass over the link to that page to this API.

Didn’t try it myself yet though, but just as an idea :slight_smile:


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