Create an instagram like header

i have spent more than two days trying to get this header to be responsive but just cant i have watch close to three hours of videos about responsive pages, but things are just not working, any help

Can you share what you already have? This makes it easier for us to help you.

this is it

You can message me, I might be able to help.

What part is not responsive? I’ve checked your template and the design is not even close to LinkedIn’s header. You might want to solve the design before going to responsiveness.

He said Instagram :upside_down_face:

Yea sorry, I ment to say Insta. It’s all the same cr*p :smiley:

am actually referring to the home_page not the landing page.


If you’re referring to insta’s desktop version, you can try ripping off this unfinished clone. You’ll notice the search functionality disappears altogether on their desktop version when using at less than 500px… That’s because they can afford to serve different apps based on media query returns. Not having that luxury, I made this one with an appearing search icon. I never finished it so you’ll have to build your own “mobile” search if you decide to use this, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

You might have trouble copy/pasting because of the focus group interaction and the custom event. But with a bit more patience you should be able to reverse engineer it.

Good luck let me know how it went.