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Create and send event ticket with dynamic data

Hello Bubble community,

I am a novice Bubbler and am looking for a way to create and send event tickets to patrons with dynamic data (ie their seat number, performance date, etc.). I have a set up through checkout, but can’t figure out how to deliver the ticket info. I was thinking of attaching PDF with tickets to email, but am open to other ideas.

Has anyone done this?

I downloaded the Bubble Page to PDF Converter by Zerocode, but am having trouble utilizing this for my purposes. (Cant figure out how to attach PDF link to other app data / send to users. Additionally, ideally the tickets will not be on the screen when the PDF is generated, so can’t figure out how to capture something else that is not on the screen. I don’t know if that makes sense…)

On a tight budget so trying to limit, recurring costs, but this is a key feature so trying to figure out how to make it happen affordably.

Any help greatly appreciated!


There are several plugins you can use for PDF generation. You can view a post with information about using one of these plugins, SelectPDF, here. This plugin can be used to generate a pdf from a web page, and then email a link to the pdf. Using a link may be the easiest route to go, because at this time, only files stored on your app’s S3 file storage are supported as email attachments.

You may also be interested in looking through some of these other forum posts for additional suggestions:

I’m not an expert yet, but I found a tool called CKEdit that I plan to investigate. It’s not necessarily Bubble-ready, but worth knowing about.

Thanks so much for all of this information!
I was trying to do it without paying for another service like selectPDF, but I think I will end up going with that after all. Thanks again!

Thanks for the tip!

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