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Create App from Template - Missing API Parameter Values

Anybody know the expected behavior when a template which utilizes API Calls has some parameter values set to ‘private’ and ‘mandatory’, and a new application is created using that template, are the API call parameter values supposed to be filled in still or be empty?

Also, do backend workflow folders get copied over? The template had over a dozen workflow folders for backend workflows (over 60) to be organized and those folders in the new application created from the template do not have those folders.

@eve any input on what to expect in these situations?

What are the API calls for. if they are exclusively for the template then they should stay the same. More likely they are for you to populate and link to your own environments.

What template is is and what does the documentation say?

APIs for Stripe.

Template that I built and a user purchased and they reported issues and Bubble support informed them to contact the template developer and I am now as the developer trying to figure out 1. Is this expected behavior or in fact a bug on Bubble side and 2. If it is expected behavior what type of documentation I should provide as the template developer to mitigate issues in the future.

Anybody with experience either building a template with APIs or installing a template with APIs have first experience with ‘private’ not optional parameter values being removed from the calls when a user creates a new application from the template? Or workflow folders not existing in the new application that do exist in the template?

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