Create complex button workflow

Hello everyone,
I am stuck with a problem that is too complex for my beginner skills and thus I turn to you for help.
I have the following lists:

  1. List of attributes (Ex. Attribute 1, Attribute 2, etc), where each attribute has a numerical value
  2. List of Impact types (Ex. Positive (+), Negative(-))
  3. List of Impact values (Ex. Low, Average, High, etc), where each has a numerical value
  4. List of conditionalis (Ex. High Positive Attribute 1, Low Negative Attribute 2)

When the user clicks the button I need the following operations to happen:
a. Check the conditional list and pick up a condition
b. Identify the correct attribute in the list based on the conditional input
c. Identify the correct mathematical operation required (adding/deducting) form the type list based on the conditional input
d. Identify the correct impact value in the list based on the conditional input
e. Operate the mathematical operation required by the conditional for the attribute’s value
f. Save the output (new value) in the attributes list
g. Pick up the next conditional in the list and repeat the process until all the conditional list is completed.

Can you help me figure out the workflow for the button?