Create CSV from Repeating Group

Anyone know how to create dynamic CSVs? I am using the ‘1T - CSV Creator’ from @eli , but I can’t get it to work. It is a little slow, but sometimes does not work, and I have needed to notify the users of this strange work-around.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 7.49.21 AM

I am 99% sure this is user error and not the plugin. I am just looking for some guidance on how to use this plugin or other download CSV plugins.

I would really like to create a csv from a repeating group.

Maybe this can help you.

Thanks @Newed . That is pretty basic.

The issue I am having with the default setup is:

  1. Can’t controle the order of the columns
  2. Pulling data from other objects results in the Unique ID of the other object records, instead of the primary field.

For exmaple.

Table of CARS and Table of COLORS

Each car has a color.

If I were to follow the approach as describe, and did an export on cars, I would get the car info fine, but I would only get the COLOR Unique ID instead of the actual primary field of the color (ex. Blue, Red, etc.).

try this ExportToCSV Plugin | Bubble
i’m using this plugin for my current project.