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I’m trying to create articles in my website, i have created the landing page with repeating group that displays my articles according to modified date. i wonder how to create the page where user can read these articles.

Do i have to create separate page for each and every articles or bubble can create a page accordingly.

And also on user landing page, how to display him the most visited articles (by him and others)

For the first question, no you don’t need to build a page individually. All you need to do is create a page that you want to be your page for an individual article.


Next, set the data type of that page to your article data type.


Now you can enable a button to send the article data from your RG to that page.


Here’s a demo app:

It displays a list of articles and once the ‘Go to Article’ button is clicked, goes to the view article page where the data is displayed.

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Thank you so much @marcusandrews for your detailed step by step explanation. You saved my day.

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