Create different combinaison by mixing 2 different list

I have a list of variant (color, size) and I would like to be able to associate each of the attributes of these variant with each other., making multiples variations.

Variant 1: color (green, yellow, red), variant 2: size (X, L, M)

My attributes are grouped in a Repeating group Attribute, inside the repeating group of its Variant. The number of possible variations is therefore “List RG Attribute Variant 1” x “List RG Attribute Variant 2”. So in my case, 3x3 = 9

What I need is to make another “variation list” to get this result:

Green - X
Green - L
Green - M
Yellow - X
Yellow - L
Yellow - M
Red - X
Red - L
Red - M

I don’t have any idea yet how to start thinking. Does anyone have a clue?



Hello @fakossa.conate welcome to the community!

Consider the following:

Data type
Title (text) (this where you designate red, blue, etc)
Size (size)

Options set
Option 1 - X
Option 2 - L
Option 3 - S

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Thanks for your response @cmarchan , but I forgot to mentioned it has to be dynamical. and That’s the trick. I don’t know by advnace how much attribute I’ll gone to have. I do know I can have 2 variant max thu.

The above setup will enable you to create content dynamically

How do you manage the option set dynamically? I was sure you cannot do that. You will blow my mind here

To reply in context please provide more details on what you are doing

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