Create error message when input 1 and input 2 doesn´t exist

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I’m trying to set up an error message if a user selects a date and a shift that do not exist in my database. I want the error message to trigger when there’s a combination of date and shift that doesn’t exist.

Input Field 1: Date
Input Field 2: Work Shift

If the Date selected in Input Field 1 and the Work Shift selected in Input Field 2 do not exist as a row in the database, display an error message.

I can create an error message for the fields separately with the following condition:

Get external API > select_dbo_workshift:each items Date: 
formatted as 
doesn't contain This Date/TimePickers value: 
formatted as

How can I create a condition where both the date and the corresponding work shift must be registered, or else trigger an error message?

Hi @Xtine :wave:

You can create a workflow to run when any of the inputs are changed with a simple action to show your alert message ONLY WHEN the Search for workshifts:first item is empty

And in this search, you constraint by the date provided in input field 1.


I tried this:
When Input Date´s value is changed > Show Error Message (Only when: Workshifts first item is empty)

It doesn’t seem like this string checks date against shift.

But why they are strings?
Why don’t you use a datepicker as your first input?

Can you share more info regarding your workflow and database structure?

I ended up solving this with a Query and a Condition checking Input Date + Input Workshift is not empty :sunny:

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