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Create Form with point system

I’m thinking of using a point system to select the qualified applicant, i.e. I want to create a housing application form with several questions and each question will be assigned a certain number of points next to it.
At the end of the form I would like to add up all the points and the 3 forms that have the highest points or the forms that pass the min points requirement are sent to the housing agency for review.

Any suggestions on how should I go about creating the points next to each question and how to tally them up .

Preferably I don’t want users to see the points when they fill out the form but the points & its total will be visible to the agency when they receive the application form.

For example:
Question 1. Do you work full time? Yes Assigned point 10
Question 2. Do you have pets? Yes Assigned point 5
Total Points for this applicant 15
Qualified Applicant points >= 13
Sent this form to agency since the total points in the form is over 13

thanks for any suggestions

You will need to use custom states.

  1. Set a custom state on the page called “Points” or similar
  2. Set a workflow, when the question is answered it adds the points to the custom state.

Display the results of the custom state which is the points total as its always updated when each question is answered.

Be mindful that you can assign different points to each answer so it could be a weighted response, yes = 10, maybe = 5 and No = 0

Hope that makes sense

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The name for what you are doing is called a Scorecard. :slight_smile: Another approach to creating a Scorecard would be to do this with the database, with a questions and answers table.

Store your questions (with the answer points value) in a table Questions;

question text (eg Are you employed?)
yes points (eg 10)
no points. (eg 0)
maybe points. (eg 5)

Record your User answers in a table Answers
User. (the User answering the question - ie logged in)
Answer. (yes/no/maybe)
Points for that answer

Now to see how many points a User has it is easy to do a query like
Select all the Answers, groups by User, sum by the points then you could nicely rank by summed points.

Put a privacy rule on the Answers - only viewed by the Creator.

This is probably how I would approach this problem.
Good luck!


thanks guys, the questions / answers tables seem to be a more organized way to structure this kind of Q&A form.

Can I put a privacy rule on the housing agencies? I’m planning to have 2 groups of users for my app i.e. the public users & the different housing agencies who will list the houses and approve applications.

How should I set up these 2 user groups? Should I set up using separate SaaS account (saw a video on that) or just treat them as users but use privacy rules to separate their roles in the app if that’s possible.

thanks for any advice

You can simply add Type field to User Data Type. It can be a text. And any user will be either ‘agent’ or ‘buyer’. (or however you want to name them) After that you just define some Conditionals & Privacy Rules on the front-end side. Hope it’s clear.

Here’s a high level set up I’m thinking for these 2 groups in my app, will give it a try using type field in User data type

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