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Create Image Folder

In looking at the file manager in Bubble, best I can tell is that all images are just dropped into the root folder. I would like to organize things a bit more than that. Is there any way to create an images folder for profile pictures? Eventually I want to create functionality that allows the user to choose their profile picture from existing profile images. But I don’t want to mix in page graphics like custom icons that I’ve made.

Is this possible?

Hi @bryan.beneker

I haven’t looked into bubble file manager but you could create a data type of image and a field for a list of images, then dynamically let the user select from that list of images?

I’m not as experienced as some other user here so I may be way off base on this topic.

Hi @luminrabbit,

That’s a really good idea. Simple enough to do and will wade out all the other images. Still gets thrown in the same folder as everything else, but images will be shown through the data type instead of through the lens of a folder.

I will give that a try. Thank you!

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