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Create iOS and Android apps with Jasonelle for our Bubble App

Hey everyone! We have a new job and are excited to get this one out.
We already have a pretty complex Bubble app going. We need to get the iOS and Android apps and have read here in the forums that Jasonelle is the fastest way to do that.

The wrapping of the app isn’t the challenge here, but getting the Push notifications working on both platforms.

If you have experience with this, please DM us. Would love to meet ya!


Hello @alejandrowunderlich

Have you look the last plugin on Push Notification? Works under every web/app.

And for Jasonelle info (for the new) : 10 min. to build FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:


Hey John, I read your thread, and I must say, wow! Thank you for all the amazing contributions you’ve done to the community.

As for Push Notifications. I have OneSignal Pro. What’s the difference with the “MAX” version? It seems adding push notifications to iOS isn’t that straightforward (I have it working with Webpush). Is there a tutorial on adding push to Jasonelle?

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Have you asked on Jasonelle forum what is the best way to do it ?
OneSignal Pro is working as I remembered. It’s was kind of complicated to set.
For MAX, try it will be my best guest. :sweat_smile: Let me know.