Create ITEM if ITEM does not exist

Hey! New to Bubble here.

I have one database of RESOURCES and one of COMMENTS

Users are currently able to go on the site and see the list of COMMENTS assigned to the RESOURCES.

Users need to be able to go to a separate page to make a new COMMENT submission:

  • If the RESOURCE they select in the search bar comes up, the COMMENT is added to the RESOURCE.
  • If the RESOURCE does not exist, a workflow needs to create the RESOURCE using the name they typed, then continue creating the COMMENT and assigning it to this new RESOURCE.

How on earth do I set this up?

In my database, RESOURCES reference COMMENTS through a field for List of COMMENTS. COMMENTS have a single RESOURCE in their fields.

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I am thinking of the same idea… for a personal app… looking forward to someone answering this question.

Read “Warning” section. If it still doesn’t make sense @ me here and i’ll make you a demo.

@bubble typo in the “warning” section optoin.

Thanks for reporting. We will correct this on our end.