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Hello Everyone,

i had a couple of tough days trying to create a jobboard. Basically I want two sections one for the jobs (left) and one for the job details (right).

I´m struggling with the page height. For the two sections I use floating groups - floating relativ to both. I put a rg (left) and a normal group (right) inside the floating groups and make them scroll. On a normal laptop screen it looks good but as soon as I switch to a bigger screen the floating groups don´t expand to the bottom and there is a withe spot under the floating groups.

Am I on the wrong track with the floating groups? Dose anyone has an idea how I can achieve this?


Hi @sonnentag.matthias,

You need to do a quick little workaround for this. Put a floating group at the top (float relative to top) and then one at the bottom (relative to bottom). Then your main content floating group would float relative to both. That way, the middle one (with all the content) will expand relative to the page height. We have a tutorial for this at if you’re interested.


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Hi Tal,

thank you for the answer! I´ll check out the tutorial

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