Create JSON array from lookup

Greetings. I am using a plugin from CraftMyPDf to create pdf labels, I have setup my pdf template on their site and am configuring the sata to send. I need to send them an array of data that is from a DB lookup and they want it in an array as it could be multiple records (to create multiple labels)

Below is a screenshot of what they are looking for. My question, how do you format the array with the values from a lookup? As you can see from the screenshot, I have tried a “Search for” and I have tried taking the values from the repeating group (they have the same lookup parameters.


Try Search for Miners: format as text or RepeatingGroup MinersList's List of Miners: format as text

That seems to have given me the format that i need. However, I am getting a timeout error.

Here is how I have it configured:

Here is the putput:

Here is what the API is expecting:

Any idea why it would be timing out?