Create linked objects with id (recurring bills model)

Greetings everyone!

I’m trying to create a recurring bill model but I’m stuck with the data modelling:

What I want to create is a 1:N bill -> payables model. For example, a rent model:


  • ID
  • Description
  • Total amount of Rent
  • Payment Date
  • Number of installments left on the contract (n)

Filling this, I would like to create (n) installments with the payment schedule:


  • Rent ID
  • Amount
  • Schedule Date => Payment Date + 30 * (n)
  • Total amount of Rent
  • Paid (Y / N) ?

How can I link the database so when I create a contract, it will create all installments that I need to control?

Thanks everyone!

Yes, you could use the “Schedule API” feature to create N things.

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Hi @NigelG, thanks for answering.

Still, I’m having trouble to do this :frowning:

What I want to do is the thing:

  • I want to create a ‘bill’ object in my page both for expenses and revenue.

For example - Rent expense value R$ 1.000.

When I set the Rent, I need to schedule its rent, for example,

  • Schedule 01 - > 05 days after
  • Schedule 02 -> 35 days after
  • Schedule 03 -> 65 days after

And after that, save them into my database linked (e.g. the expenses should have its bill uniqueid linked)

Also, I’m trying to set up invoices with the same logic

For example, I sold a contract of R$ 3.000 with 3 invoices and a 5% transaction fee.

  • Invoice 01 should be R$ 950 date 05
  • Invoice 02 should be R$ 950 date 35
  • Invoice 03 should be R$ 950 date 65

(I split original value in 3 and discounted its transaction fee)

I’m trying to use @keith List Shifter but still not working properly :frowning:

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks !

If what you want to do is set up x things (assuming you know how many instalments are left) then I am not sure why you need List Shifter (clever though it is).

Use the toolbox to create a list of 1 to n.

Schedule an API workflow on that list. Create an invoice and expense in there.

You can create a small lookup (1 = 05 days, 2 = 35 days) to help if needed.