Create Multiple things each with multiple fields

I’m trying to parse out data that I’m getting from an external api into multiple data entries of a single data type. If I use the api data to create a thing, I get a list of data in a single entry, as shown below:
bubble table 1

I can split up the list in each field using regex and then displaying the results in 3 separate repeating groups (1 for each column) on the UI, but this doesn’t work with other features I want to implement.

I can use the Schedule API Work to a list to create multiple entries from one of the fields in this data, but the other fields still show the full list instead splitting up each field to match each entry. See Example below:
bubble table 2

How do I fix this so it looks like this instead-
bubble table 3

I also tried using some of the BDK utilities and looked at other forum entries on the subject, but I still haven’t been able to come up with a solution. It seems like this should be a basic function of parsing API data, am I missing something or does Bubble really make it this complicated? Any help would be appreciated.


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