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Create multiple things, FAST

Hi Niklas,

I ended up sticking with what I had and just added a loading screen whilst the app did it’s thing, most of my forms were small and didn’t take very long. That said, I am now coming to the same dillema again and would certainly be interested in picking this up.

To me, now anyway, it seems like a sensible option would be converting the form responses into a JSON object and then storing that within the user’s list of “forms” for example. Theoretically, you could then unpack this JSON into a repeating group. This eliminates the concern of editing a form and then subsequently messing up the data of anyone who’s previously completed a form (eg; having a field called “First Name” then changing it to “Last Name” and messing up previous form data).

You seem to have a pretty efficient way already, certainly more efficient than what I had a year ago.

It seems @keith is onto something that sounds pretty fantabulous, as are most of their plugins, so I suspect the simplest answer I could give you is stay tuned and see what they release before diving into anything too advanced and getting lost in workflows.

This is definitely something that I, and I suspect many other, bubblers are interested in creating for their apps to save mindless static form creation.

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I almost did a little “working in public” preview of this today and discussion of the Bulk Create endpoint, but ended up being busy with other things. Soon though!

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