Create multiple workflows for Register button

I am designing a tracking system that tracks a voucher from purchase through supporting organisations and back to the shop it was brought from…

Both the business and supporting organisation have to register but businesss selecting the selling option and the organisation select the ‘pass on’ option.
The user logs in to record receipt of a voucher.

I have done the Registration page, but how do I tell the system to check that the email address hasn’t already been registered and if it has to send the user to the correct page for them to record the voucher.

How do I send the user to the right logging page depending whether who they are.
Business page will look different to an organisation page.

I’m currently using the free option.


You need to have User type field in users table. Use that condition while navigating to homepage after logging in. If user type is “Business”, take them to business homepage, if user type is “organization”, take them to organization homepage.

Thanks. but I don’t understand I’m afraid. I’m very new to this. Where will I find the user type field in the users table. What is the users table?


Where are you storing the emails and other details of users?
That’s your users table. Add another field “User type” to that table.