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I am trying to build a marketplace where people can get to access nurses. I got stocked! I want the user to be able to book a nurse and chat with the nurse before making payments. I have been able to link the chat page. The issue is that the booking details is not showing on the chat page and it is not even showing the nurse that was booked.

Please check the loom video to get the information - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom. Thanks!

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Are you using “Send data to a page”?

What is the data source of where you are expecting the information to be displayed?

I am not using send data… By data source, please what do you mean?

Data Source…

Here’s Bubble’s interactive tutorial on sending data to another page.

Currently, where are you trying to get data from to display the information that isn’t showing. A screenshot of the expression will be helpful.

Does this help?

I suggest using Reverse RG Plugin for Chat Messaging.
To solve your issue, I think you can save a user book as temporary to Database.
than show it on message page.

How do I do that?

Step by step:

  • Create booking data with a list of fields including the user, booking schedule and date-time, additional information, and the status of the booking.
  • Create a new entity for the booking.
  • If you are creating a static website, fill in the “Data Source” field with the unique ID of the booking data when you go to the page, and retrieve the data from the message page.

for Reverse RG, you can see the working example here Pastel Messaging (

How do I create a new entity? It is not a static website, it is a marketplace.

I am available for hire as an assistant if you need one.
this is quite easy, but little bit hard to explain. :slight_smile:

What is your charge?

DMed you already.

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