Create new records in loop (create n records)

Hi all,

question: I’m using the multidropdown plugin. works very well.
I want to create a new “kalender”-record for each (selected) item (users) in the multidropdown…

Currently it will create only 1 record for the current user. It should create for example 6 new records, if the multidropdown has 6 selected items.


Can someone help me please?


For the love of god, do a forum search for loops in bubble, recursive workflows, list shifter, looper, schedule an api workflow on a list or any and all or the above.

Moreover look up making a bulk call to your own backend! Quick and dirty like that!


Hey @jupixy, how are you?

This can be done very easily with a backend workflow that calls itself and loops. However if the number starts to get to big or you add in another level to it, it can slow things down.

You would create a backend workflow that creates the kalendar and then calls itself. In the call you would pass through the number from the dropdown and then on the workflow that calls itself, then condition will be…

When the number you have passed theough is >1. Each time the workflow calls itself, you -1 of that number.

Does that make sense?


Great answer. Thanks so much, pattokane :pray:

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Happy to help mate. If you need more advice feel free to reach out :grin: