Create new thing from dropdown selections but block combos that already exist

Hi! New to bubble- started tinkering last night.

I’d like to create a database app for managing components that I make from various materials (that can get combined to create products). I have tried some other builders like knack recently but the interfaces were terrible. I have a feeling bubble will be more efficient for conditionally hiding/showing input fields and filtering available options.

My main question above all questions before I start is, would this be possible:

A combination of values gets selected from dropdown menus to create a new thing.
The dropdown menu options get pulled from rows (things?) that are stored in other tables (‘types’ ?).

A material +
A submaterial +
A submaterial color option+
A component Design
=A new thing (component).

If the selected combination already exists in the database, an error should show instead of creating the new thing since its essentially a duplicate.

It would be set up this way for a few reasons, most importantly component costs by weight/saving info about materials and component styles.

Not looking for a full tutorial on how to do this but simply if it will be possible when I get to that point. Leads in the right direction are of course appreciated :slight_smile:


Similar to my case, here is the way i did.

Create a short code (no?) for each of part. Then combine all of part’s short code’s value together as a text when saving and put in one of field in component data type/table, lets say COMPONENT CODE.

Next in your transaction form put a hidden “dummy” input element (text) with initial value: dropdown material’s value code dropdown submateril’value code…up to last part (the same way as you save the component code).

Then before saving a new component you can validate by condition “when search for component’s COMPONENT CODE contains dummy input’s value” --> show alert, terminate workflow

Hi Anwarsby,

I was already planning on creating component codes in that way, so so this is a genius and easy way to achieve this. THANK YOU!

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