Create new thing with data type image field

I have a map with a bunch of hike what show up on a map with a custom icon. I’m trying to add a feature where users can add new hikes that can show up on the map. I want the new hikes that get added to have the same icon as the ones that I’ve already pre-loaded on the map. The hikes have an “icon” which is an image data type. When I create a new thing (a new hike), I want to be able to create a new “icon” field with the image that I want to have show up on the map. I can’t figure out how to get an image into icon in the “create a new thing” box in my workflow.
I hope this makes sense.

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Hey @william2 :slight_smile: If all Hikes will have the same icon, you can upload this manually in the settings of the map element by selecting:

Customized Icon: “Upload custom”
Then manually uploading the icon

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, not all of the icons are the same. Is there a way to set to icon for new hikes as they are added to the map?

Definitely! You can create an image field within the Hike data type, and use that to store the custom icon.

Then you can have hidden picture uploaders on the page which contain different icons. Then when a new Hike is created in the workflow, the icon field of the Hike will be one of the Picture Uploader icons values, depending upon how you’d like to assign certain icons with each hike.

Feel free to share a link to your app editor (with the app set to public) if you have any questions at all. :slight_smile:

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