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Create PInterest Board programmatically

Can the PInterest plugin which I think Bubble has allow me to create group boards programmatically and add members to them?

e.g. at Class Project Assistant app ( it would be interesting to be able to setup for a Project’s specific Team a PInterest board owned by the Teacher (after signing in to PInterest if they don’t have already) and add automatically (invite via e-mail) all Team Members

so is this currently possible?

We’ve integrated most of the calls (if not all), like creating a board, etc, so yes I think so.

Practically what I need (apart from creating a board as the owner) is to have the owner be able to add contributors to their board and set their roles/rights.

In fact I hope they can invite somebody via PInterest’s infrastructure by e-mail to join the board with the given rights (guess such e-mail uses some PInterest text that one can’t affect and is send by PInterest), even if they don’t have PInterest account (invite them to also join PInterest in the process or allow them to contribute via unique url to board without joining PInterest [not sure if PInterest supports this last one at all]).

Well let us know if it’s not an available call in Bubble but it is in the doc (which i doubt, we’ve added all the calls they have).