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Hello I am working on a small application, I am here to ask for help to improve.web365
I want to create a premium service, for example, from a subscription that ends in 30 days.
How can I make the site 30 days later unsbscribe user?

I hope you understand what I wrote because I use Google Translator because I do not speak English

Have you seen the plugin Brantree? Or stripe.js?

I would suggest looking at @copilot’s course about Stripe. That should set you going on the right track.
Access Website Here

I have a field (yes / no), I want to do it if you click the button (1) Make the field (yes) after a period (I place it) Make the field NO. I hope you understand. Thanks

I’m not sure I follow with the yes/no logic your describing, would need further info on this.

For subscriptions the best route would be Stripe in all honesty, its simple enough to get started and there are a range of plugins that can suit your needs, but perhaps start with Bubble’s own plugin of Stripe:

There are many workflows that will allow you to subscribe a user to plan and for the plan to have terms and pricing. You can create a Stripe account in a few minutes and generated a few developer keys to play around with in the Bubble editor.

As @marcusandrews suggested, look at CoBubble’s Stripe course to get things started and understand the concepts involved.


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Thanks :blush:

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