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Create Quora-like description box

Hi everyone,
I am new so it might be a silly question but I am stuck on it. I am basically creating a user profile page way like in Quora so that when user clicks on 'Write a description about yourself ’ then there would appear a box where they can edit their descriptions and then save them. I don’t know how to do it. Would be grateful if you can give me a hand !

There are several ways to approach this, but the simplest is just to have a multiline input (or rich text editor) element below the user photo, which is not visible on page load, and set to collapse when hidden.

Then, then the text ‘Write a description about yourself’ is clicked, simply hide the text and show the input element.

Then, when the text is saved, or cancelled, after making the necessary database changes, just hide and reset the input element, and show the actual description in a text element, and/or an edit button etc.

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Hi there,
I can eventually do it with your help. Cheers.