Create Record with join between things

Hi people

My scenario is so simple and I feel dumb since I am not being able to get past it on my own…

I have two things tables location_type (only field os text:Name, and few public pre-populated lines). 2nd is location (wicth in its definition brings 2 fields one text for Name and the other is the reference to the location_type.

When sign up event happens I want to create the 1st default location for this user. I know how to trigger, I know how to fill the default location (“free text”) Name, but I am failling ok how to reference my desired location_type Record specific value on the condition in the workflow action that is creating a new thing upon sign up.

Can someone solve this to me please ?



Do you want to create two new data type records or create a relation between the two data types. Can you show a picture of your database structure.


Here I am sending a 5-step screens to illustrate exactally whatr I am failling to achieve.

Thanks allot!