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Create sign up / login api workflows

Hi there, can anyone help me with using an external app to login to my bubble app. I have created an

api workflow with action sign the user up. My endpoint name is sign_up so the url of the endpoint is . The first problem is when creating the sign_up action it asks me to enter the value for Email and Password . I thought these are the body parameters for the api call so I do not know what to enter in the box. When trying to set this up in postman I have entered the above url and body parameters Email and Password , but I am getting error back

“reason”: “NO_EMAIL”,
“statusCode”: 400,
“message”: “Please include an email”

Can anyone please help?

Can you screenshot the parameters for your API workflow? Maybe you made a small typo in the parameter name. Maybe you didn’t hook up the email parameter to the login action properly.