Create simple class slot

Hi can someone help me to create this?
currently I only can manage to make the both user create and book class one at a time.
Very appreciate if have video explanation <3

Below is the case scenario:

  1. coach can set class and limit the slot.
  2. student can book the class.
  3. if class slot has reach the limit that set by coach, the class will disappear and student cannot see it.
  4. in database student, they can see the coach email for every class
  5. in database coach, they can see the student email for each class the student book under that coach.


  • coach set class A have 3 slot
  • student1 book class A
  • remaining slot is 2
  • student2 and student3 book class A
  • remaining slot is 0
  • student4 cannot see the class A because class A has disappear due to reach the limit
  • student that book class A can see who is the coach at booked class page
  • coach can see all the student that book his class, class A have student1, student2, and student3

put a condition onto the elements that you use to show the class, and the condition should look to the data field on the data type of class where you store the limit number as well as the number of signups and if those numbers are the same you make it so the element is not visible.

thanks for your help!
I solve it :smile: