Create sort of Like/Dislike system by user

Hi everyone,

First at all, my english is not the best so i will try to do my best to explain my problem :smiley:

So, i would like to create a like/dislike system.
In the database, a list of items
In the front, the ability to pick, for my current user, one or more items who are in the database. The current user could change his choices, to take one more or to take off an items.
Next, for each user, items choosen are in the database.

For example, i have a list of items in my database : A, B, C or D
The user connected, pick A, A and B, A and C etc …
And for this user i have all this items stock in my database.
If the user want to change an item (finnaly i don’t like A) he cans (actually this is my real problem today)

I try to do this at the begining with the Multiselect Dropdown plugin :

  • i put all my items in the “choices”
  • i create a container (group) to see for the current user the data picked
    BUT i can’t choose individually to take of one item
    For example with this plugin :
  • i put A, B, C or D in the choices
  • the current user can choose A, B, C or D
  • he can see in the container his choices
  • BUT if he changes his mind, he can’t choose to take off one item. He cans take of all the item if he changes the multiselect dropdown, but it’s not really easy to explain in term of ux

Thanks for the help,

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