Create the same thing (event), but based on a list of event dates

Hi! My app (Trainpack Mobile App) lets users create activities (e.g. a run or a cycle) which have some parameters (e.g. distance, pace, start point, date). They can create these activity things, one at a time currently, they hit ‘Save’ and their thing is created. I want to have an option for the user to select a number of dates when they are creating their activity, and then a new activity is created for each date in the list, with all other parameters being per the original user input.

Totally stuck on three fronts:

  1. I need to be able to select distinct dates from a calendar, not a range. E.g. user can select Thursday this week, Monday & Wednesday next week. Somehow get this into a list.

  2. How do I feed all the info into an API Workflow to create the new activities? I’m guessing it is schedule an API from a list, and I can create a backend workflow which includes a ‘Create Activity’ step but how do I populate the activity fields in that step? I could do a search for the first activity via unique ID to populate the fields, but how do I even feed the unique ID into the backend workflow?

  3. Assuming I get through the two hurdles above, how do I tell the workflow to change to date for each date in the list (from hurdle 1)

So far outta my comfort zone here, I have done some searching here and watched some videos but nothing quite covers what I am trying to do.

Posting this as a long shot, all help appreciated!


What you want to achieve is very feasible even if you are currently out of your comfort zone. I can’t promise to get you all of the way from start to finish but I can definitely nudge you along.

I would break this down one step at a time as you have outlined before moving onto the next step. For step #1 we use this plugin: Calendar & Timeslots Custom in combination with Full Calendar (for a different display of data). Give that a whirl and see if that gets you to step 2.

Hey! Thanks a mill for getting back with the lifeline :wink:

I think the calendar & time slots plugin does similar to the date/time picker element I use currently, insofar as it allows the user to select a single date (or single date range) at a time. To create my new date_list I think I’ll add a button for the user to add another date which adds the currently selected date to my new date_list and then clears the calendar selections for the user to pick & add a new one. Still one at a time, but the user is adding the dates one at a time rather than creating the entire thing with a different date one at a time. Hope that makes sense! I will try to set that up before moving to step 2. In the words of Arnie - I’ll be back :wink:

Thanks again,

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