Create Thing loop

hi All

After some advice/help on a problem, i have had a look around but can’t find the answers.

Scenario: populating “thing” from another “thing” based on users input
Easiest way to explain it, i have data type Products which contains thousands of products. One of the fields is called Product type with 2 options (Option A and Option B).
I then have a separate table called Allocations, this contains Product name as well as other info.

The user has a drop down menu which says option A and Option B - Whatever the user selects i want it to populate Allocations based on there choice from the product table.

So all products from the product table where product type = [option A] add to Allocations table (Product name) and other columns as needed.

Can’t see an easy way to do this? i Can add single lines if the user clicks it but need to add in bulk, there could be thousands of lines and the user doesn’t want to be clicking all of them

Any ideas would be really helpful


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