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Create "Things" with default entries

Is it possible to create a “thing” and have some default entries upon creation?

For instance say I have a “store” thing and certain entries are common among all “stores”. Right now i’m just considering running an API workflow to setup these default entries upon creation of the “store”.

How is your store being set up? Why don’t you add subsequent workflows that create the new thing at the same time you create the store?

@csblack that’s my current implementation. When the store is created, the workflow “creates a thing” 10 times for the 10 default entries. I was curious if I could create default entries to save time in the future.

You can define default values in the data tab.

I understand that I can create default values for a thing. What I mean is I want to have default entries (sub things) created when I create a certain type of “thing”

So I create a new type of “thing1”

and when its created, it already has 10 “thing1” entries with certain values.

I know that this probably does not exist, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask.

@alexsstockton - here’s what I suggest based on my understanding. This may give you a bit of added flexibility if there’s some variation.

Begin with a dropdown menu of defined options. Then, create individual inputs for each of the fields you wish to have automatically associated with the item.

Once you have the individual inputs created, within the conditions tab of each input, have the “When” reference the dropdown menu’s Item. Then, select the option for “Initial Content” and define what should appear (either using static text or dynamic data). Then, when you run the workflow, reference all of the fields