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Created a game that teaches kids the basics of how to program with Bubble

The name of the game is Wilmingtopia. Each player chooses an avatar at the beginning of the game, and chase their monkey friend around a beach town called Wilmingtopia in search for the key to the infamous “Tek Mountain”. The player is taken through 5 different locations, learning how to build 4 apps throughout the game and learning about the core functionality of Bubble.

Once they complete the game and are given access to Tek Mountain where there is a chatroom to talk with other Wilmingtopia players, and there are links to more resources to continue learning Bubble.

If you are interested in having a link to a resource of yours at the end of the game, please send me a message and I will include it with the others.

If you would like to experience the game for free - use coupon code pisa

Of course, feel free to provide constructive criticism or feedback. The goal of this game is really to get kids interested in programming with Bubble and learning an in demand skill set. If you have any suggestions in that regards, please feel free to message me or respond to this thread.

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Hi G, there is an issue with your sign up form;

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Just saw that, was adding the coupon code and didn’t test all the way.

Just fixed, thanks.

I just been working my way through it, at the start you ask for a nickname, then later on you ask for a name, then later on you call the person by the nick name. You need to make up your mind whether you want to use the nickname or the name, it is confusing/ambiguous.

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On the lessons overview, it would be good to see a progress indicator for the number of lessons, and then in each lesson, the progress indicator of how many steps through you are.

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Thanks for the feedback Dave, going to fix/add these things. Mostly wanted to get this initial version out to see how kids learn in this type of setting. Thanks!

Your animated images file sizes are too big, they are taking too long to load. you need to get down the frame rates. 4MB is way too much for images.

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Can you also remove the /version-test/ part off the link to my demos. I have also pushed this to live, so no need to have that there, it is less disruptive to the end user on live as they will have less interruptions when I am making changes.

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Fixed, and thanks for letting me link to your bubble demo app!

I’ll look in to adding the progress bar and fixing the gifs when I have some more time to work on it.

You might also want to let individuals edit their comments/delete their comments and a mechanism to report others comments. Reported comments should be hidden until moderated. You know it will get abuse!

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Just added this in! <- updated link

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hey! just wanted to say thank you for this great game that taught me the basics of Bubble (I am only 9 so just starting my no-code journey with Bubble). I played Wilmingtopia game it together with my dad. We really enjoyed the journey to the Tek Mountain! We even did the small app for my granny who wanted a grocery and a to do list in one app. Check this out: