Creating a 4-person game from repeating group of users

2 quick questions for a game I’m building on Bubble. I have a repeating group of users, acting as a queue list.

  1. I want to create multiple new games every 30 seconds, where I add 4 users in the repeating group into a game. So if there are 20 users at the time, I will create 5 games, each with 4 users.
  2. How can I prioritize matching users that have mutually liked each others’ profile (the liked profiles of other users are stored in a data field containing “list of Users”).

Is API workflow the answer to question number 1? I’m not familiar with how that works, would appreciate if someone could assist me in setting it up. I only have experience using “schedule custom workflow”.

@gaurav @keith

Basically what I’m trying to achieve is maximize the following condition:

Match users that like each other (mutual) > match users that likes someone (single-sided) > users with no relationships

While grouping all users in numbers of 4 for the game.

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