Creating a birthday list is frustrating me

I have collected birthday’s in a date input. What I thought would be fairly straight forward to view birthday’s on a given day inside a Repeating Group has totally frustrated me. So, I have been broken and need to ask for some guidance or suggestions or knowledge on how to understand the collection of birthdays and then displaying them so staff can see if there is a birthday today, tomorrow etc.



Create a Date field on the “user” type or “employees” type, call it “birthday”, on the page have a RG Showing all users, have a date-picker input in the cell, “initial content” set to current cells users birthday, and have a “when this date-pickers value change” workflow, with an action to change current cells user, field to change “birthday” = date-pickers value

How do I simply display birthdays for today?

Appreciate your help, tried to follow what you suggested, but still no luck. I think I understand what you suggested.

have a constraint on the RG datasource:

“Birthday” = Current date/time

Is there an issue that in the field when a birthday is entered it adds the time into the field?

why do u care, just display it without the time, use a time-picker to display it, or a txt element and “formatet as date only”

I don’t care. I just didn’t know if that was making it so that I couldn’t just get the date out of it.

If someone entered 5/28/1990 as their birthday I simply want to display their name today as having a birthday. No care about their age. Just that today is their birthday. And for some reason I am having a terrible time trying to get it to display. Seems like it should be straight forward to me and NOT this complicated.

I appreciate your help

What you want to do is transform (or extract) aspects of the date to match what you’re looking to do. The post linked below covers the concept, but from a different use case.

Appreciate the link. Video was tough to see. Blurry on my end.

I asked users to submit their birthday. Year born actually doesn’t matter to me for use purposes.

I have a main page for users to display a few items, one of which is to show if anyone has a birthday today. For the life of me I can not figure out how to get this to display. I can get it to display if I change the data in the user field to today’s actual date and set hours, minutes and seconds to 0.

But if the DOB entered was 5/28/2000 it will not show.

So I am missing something, just can’t pinpoint it. I have tried all kinds of ways from setting constraints on the search to filter options to extracting the year and saying it was changed to current date/time year.

I appreciate all the help, but I am stuck and need to get this figured out before I throw my computer lol. (not really, but it feels like that)


I’m beginning to think I need to store my Day, Month, Year in separate fields to make this easier. Thoughts?

@8910billiards I recorded a video to walk you through the setup process. Let me know if this helps.


Don’t forget those pesky leap years :slight_smile:

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I wish I had $10000 to send you right now. This was PERFECT!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Happy to help :slight_smile:


Can you help with another thing I am trying to figure out?

I have a calendar that has events on it with a Start and End Date field. Most calendar events will be 1 day only, so the end date is not overly needed, but in there just in case.

I am trying to create a RG that shows events coming up in the next (9) days.

Been messing with the Advanced filter you showed me that worked brilliantly for me, but can’t seem to figure out this “equation”



I figured it out. Your original help shortened my learning curve on this one!!!

Hello, there!

I recently created a birthday list of the month, but I just can’t sort it by “day”. More details here: List of birthdays of the month - Sorting by day.

Can anyone help me, please?