Creating a business webite to track a niche industry's news, blog, and database companies. Bubble or Wordpress?

There’s this idea that I’ve floated in my mind for sometime that I’d like to build out. Since i’m learning Bubble for another idea, I’m curious if Bubble is appropriate or if I should use WordPress.

The website is a news/blog site about a particular demographic group in business/entrepreneurship/startup industries. I imagine the website would be somewhere in the middle (in terms of format/structure) of these three examples:


To start, I want to have the following features

  1. News (i.e. pulling different news articles about founders who fit the profile/demographic or writing unique articles)
  2. Blog posts (i.e. written interviews with founders, opinion pieces, etc)
  3. Newsletter (the top articles/blog pieces sent weekly)
  4. Directory/Database of companies with significant leadership of the demographic group

Down the road, I would like to add some sort of community feature (i.e. find other Users in your city for events) and job board sort of feature so that other aspiring founders could find joins from those in their demographic group.

What do you all think? I want to be sure not to waste my time.

Maybe look at Webflow as an alternative, as their OOTB CMS is very good.

Doable in Bubble of course.

Have you checked