Creating a Client Portal?

Hi All,

I’d like to implement a ‘Client Portal’ for my clients, clients. The idea would be that my clients could save reports, and in turn their clients could log in to view them. In my vision for this, my client would have reports that are ‘approved’ to be viewed by their clients. If ‘disabled for viewing’, their clients would not be able to see said report.

Has anyone done this thus far?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

You can totally do all of this.

How far have you got so far?


Hey @pauljamess,

I haven’t started quite yet. I was more or less brainstorming and seeing if this was possible. Have you done this before?

I would probably be able to figure out the ‘approved for viewing’ and ‘not approved’. But, I wouldn’t know how one of my clients would generate links with unique logins for their clients.

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