Creating a course uploading section with nested video group

Hello there, I am having trouble figuring our the proper grouping and data selection to allow users to upload a course.

The hierarchy of a course goes as follows: Course → Section → Video

Every course could have multiple sections and every section could have multiple videos.

A workflow like this would be ideal

Hi @bubble30, what’s the exact issue you are experiencing? Or what question do you have?

I do not know how to format the groups

Have a video group inside a section group

Ah, are you trying to list all the videos inside the section?

yes exactly!

Alright, so in your section group create a repeating group within it, then have the data type be Videos and the data source be the current call’s section’s videos

Will my group hierarchy be like this?

Repeating group Data type = section

In that group have a repeating group with videos and the source is current cells section videos?

So a total of 2 groups?

Yes, that’s right

Okay cool! I am making progress. Things are rendering now.

I still am wondering how to allow users the ability to create sections and videos on the same page and have the correct workflow.

Here is what I have so far

Just create a new thing

I was able to make a new section but elements from my video repeating group does not render

Update got videos to render.

Last question I may ask is how do I make the amount of sections and videos repeating group rows dynamic?