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Creating a customised clone of procore

So procore is a high end piece of cloud software which is used to digitally manage construction projects. It creates a common data environment for all the stakeholders in the project to share documents (PDF, Excel, Cad Files) raise issues on sites and keep progress reports up to date.

My plan is to build something very similar to this but make it more streamlined to suit my companies exact needs as procore is very generic.

I’m just thinking a piece of software this complex with this much capabilities such as marking up PDF drawings and sharing it as an issue for site management etc may just be a step too far or perhaps it will be possible but just take a lot of time to build.

I’d love to know before I make a start on it and get halfway and realise it’s not possible. Any help is really appreciated. Also if it’s possible I’d love to meet some bubble developers who may be able to help me build this, where can I find a list of development agencies etc.

Thank you.