Creating a dashboard that only shows info relevant to logged in user?

Hi, I’m new to bubble and currently struggling to show only data of the logged in user profile. I am creating an app that collects video requests from other people and then displays the request to the relevant person in my database.

I saw on youtube and to draw data from the database I used a repeating group to do a search for the requests, but this shows the request for everyone and not the specific person that the request stated. Is there anyway I can collect relevant data to the relevant person?

TL;DR: My app collects forms of video requests, this data is stored in a data type. However I only want to display the video request to the correct people stated in the form and not to everyone else. How can I do this?

Thanks beforehand!

@phetxdphet you need to setup your privacy settings for that Data Type - You can learn about it here:

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