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Creating a data type, where one field is somewhat dynamic - is it possible?

I am trying to do solve the following:

User (data type)
- Name
- Website links

I want website links to actually be editable by the end user, so they could a new website type like linkedin or facebook. Then whenever a User is added, they would be prompted to submit website links (for each site, they would provide a URL) for any website that currently exists in the system.

I am really struggling conceptually to figure out how to do this in bubble?

How can I solve this?


I think you will need more than one data type to achieve your goal here.

I would suggest:

User (data type)

  • Website Links (list of Website Links)

Website Link (data type)

  • user (User)
  • website (Website)
  • link (text)

Website (data type)

  • name (text)

When a user logs in to your app you can show a repeating group that will Do a search for 'Website’s":filtered (Advanced) - Current User’s Website Links: each item’s Website does not contain ‘This Website’. This will prompt the User to fill out a form for each Website they have previously not added to their own list. When they submit the Form it would Create a new thing = Website Link and then Make changes to a thing = Current User to add the created Website Link to their List of Website Links. You can also allow them to Create a New thing = Website, which would make the before mentioned Repeating Group now show a new website for people to enter their links.

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Thanks! Makes a lot of sense!

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