Creating a Dynamic GUI based on a Circuit Library


If you look at the below image! Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 10.08.51 pm|655x500

You will see 3 different circuits colored blue, red and green that are placed on a black diagram. I have 243 of these circuits in total. Each circuit is made up of individual paths. Each path can be defined by the node it is leaving and the node it is arriving at. For example, the ISTJ path of the Blue circuit (called Sensing) can be defined as FR (for F on the Right) to S (S is only on the left).

I would like to make an app where I can choose any number of circuits from a list and have them display on the black diagram.

Many circuits would overlap and so they would need to have a degree of opacity so that the overlap is demonstrated visually.

Is this possible in something like bubble?